• US: March retail sales undoubtedly boosted by direct checks – Wells Fargo Link #UnitedStates #RetailSales #Banks
    FXStreet News 4986m

    The March retails sales report in the US surprised to the upside with a 9.8% increase. Analysts at Wells Fargo point out March started out with retailers still under pressure from February's deep freeze which put a chill on spending activity; but consumers hit stores in March with a pocketful of money and eager to make up for the lost time.

  • BlackRock profit beats estimates as assets top $9 trillion Link https://t.co/6hRyCU4mPC
    Reuters 4986m

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - BlackRock Inc’s first-quarter profit beat Wall Street estimates on Thursday, as a continued rally in global financial markets and broad-based strength in the asset manager’s businesses helped vault the firm’s assets under management to a record $9.01 trillion.

    “The broadness of our platform is really resonating with clients,” BlackRock’s chief executive, Larry Fink, said in an interview.

    Clients, who a few years ago came to BlackRock mainly for its index and fixed income actives business, are now looking to the firm for a range of needs including investing in alternatives, active equities, risk management and technology, Fink said.

    The firm reported a record $172 billion in net inflows to its various funds during the quarter with strength in its iShares and alternative assets businesses.

    “They are definitely widening the competitive gap against peers and they continue to take wallet share,” said Kyle Sanders, an analyst with St....

  • A 176-year-old time capsule was hiding in the cross on top of Hungary's largest church Link https://t.co/PDSIjXx5Wx
    Reuters 4986m

    ESZTERGOM, Hungary (Reuters) - The cross on top of Hungary’s largest church, the magnificent Esztergom Cathedral, has been hiding a 176-year-old time capsule that was only recovered during renovation work this year.

  • It was hard to document her illness and death from a rare and extremely aggressive form of bone cancer, like the time she sat in darkness receiving IV fluids after chemotherapy, her long and lovely dark hair a memory 4/7 https://t.co/SiQ4BGBq72
    Reuters 4986m
  • Like the time she was 2 and her face looks lit up from within. The time she was onstage dancing, only 12 but defying gravity with grace and poetry. The time she was playing in a field of wildflowers with our dog Cookie, her smile as big as the sky 3/7 https://t.co/KQqFptoYLV
    Reuters 4986m
  • RT @PhilFedComDev: New #FederalReserve #SmallBusiness report focuses on performance, financing needs, decisions, & outcomes for businesses…
    Philadelphia Fed 4986m
  • European equity close: Is there a better global equity chart than the FTSE 100? Link
    ForexLive 4991m
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that the central bank will begin to reduce the pace of its bond purchases “well before” raising interest rates Link
    Real Time Economics 4991m

    WASHINGTON—Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that the central bank will begin to slow the pace of its bond purchases “well before” raising interest rates.

    The Fed has been buying at least $120 billion a month of Treasury debt and mortgage-backed securities since last June to hold down long-term borrowing costs. Since December, the central bank has said the economy must make “substantial further progress” toward its goals of maximum employment and 2% inflation before it scales back those purchases.

    “We will taper asset purchases when we’ve made substantial further progress toward our goals, from last December when we announced that guidance,” Mr. Powell said in a virtual event held by the Economic Club of Washington, D.C. “That would in all likelihood be before—well before—the time we consider raising interest rates.”

    The Fed has said it will hold rates near zero until it sees the labor market return to full employment and inflation...

  • are global bonds are rallying because outside of US exceptionalism with vaccines and growth much oft he world is experiencing a surge of corvid variants and will be opening later not sooner... everyone is bearish the $$$ again
    FxMacro 4991m
  • Activist investor Elliott takes multibillion pound stake in GSK, FT says Link https://t.co/ISM7eCRNG8
    Reuters 4991m

    LONDON (Reuters) -Activist hedge fund Elliott Management has taken a multi-billion pound stake in GlaxoSmithKline, the Financial Times reported on Thursday, after a year that has seen the British pharma firm take a backseat role in the COVID-19 vaccine race.

    Shares in GSK erased losses and traded more than 7% higher on the report, and were last up 5% at 1151 GMT.

  • As a photojournalist it was only natural that he documented every moment of the beautiful life of Becs, as mom Marisa and dad called her 2/7 https://t.co/56fWG8FwW9
    Reuters 4991m
  • Reuters photographer @darrinzl took the first photo of his daughter, Rebecca, moments after she was born. Fifteen years later, he took the last photo of his daughter moments after she died of cancer Link 1/7 https://t.co/dW5EyUJqQB
    Reuters 4991m

    I took the first photo of my daughter, Rebecca, moments after she was born on August 3, 2005.

    Barely more than 15 years later, I took the last photo of my daughter moments after she died, of cancer, on January 3, 2021.

  • Tension is rising in Del Rio, Texas, amid an increase in immigration. The Val Verde County Sheriff says false rumors have spread on social media that migrants are committing crimes Link
    Reuters 4991m

    DEL RIO, Texas (Reuters) - Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez is worried.

    More migrants are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border near Del Rio, Texas than Martinez recalls in his 13 years as Val Verde County Sheriff. They wade across the Rio Grande river and into residents’ yards.

    But it is members of his own community that have Martinez most concerned.

    Last month, he said, a resident fired his gun to scare a group of migrants walking on the outskirts of town; nearby schools were locked down in response. He said unfounded accusations have spread on social media blaming migrants for crimes like break-ins. And at a recent community meeting, Martinez said, a resident asked him if she could use “deadly force” to stop migrants who step onto her land.

    “Something like that happens, you got a different situation on your hands,” Martinez said.

    Tensions are rising in Del Rio, a city of 35,000, as the nation once again grapples with an increase in migrants seeking entry...

  • Residents of postcodes in South and North London are being urged to get Covid-19 tests to help suppress the spread of the South African coronavirus variant which has increased resistance to vaccines. Link
    Financial News 4991m

    Residents of postcodes in South and North London are being urged to get Covid-19 tests to help suppress the spread of the South African coronavirus variant which has increased resistance to vaccines.

    Barnet Council said in a 14 April statement that the South African variant of Covid-19 has been found in the borough.

    The council said it would...

  • Bank of America reported its best return on equity to date, at 12%, but JPMorgan managed almost twice that. The reason is swagger, something investors prize, writes @johnsfoley. Link https://t.co/8pHE2gJkMW
    ReutersBreakingviews 4991m

    Surging markets and an improving credit outlook handed Brian Moynihan his best return on equity to date. Yet it’s still half what Jamie Dimon’s bank managed, and their valuations are far apart. Given Bank of America’s conservativism, an economic growth spurt may widen that gap.

  • ETF Wrap: Great quarter, guys Link
    MarketWatch 4991m

    It’s been another one of those weeks that felt like a job guarantee for journalists who write the first draft of history. But this time, it wasn’t an entire decade flashing by in seven days. This week brought the ghosts of decades past returning for a visit. There was a life before lockdown, they remind us. You are here now because of what happened back then. Remember?

  • RT @irishjourno: On today's #BBCMarketplace Morning Report with @VictoriaCraig ?? Assessing Northern Ireland's post-Brexit trade ?? UK &…
    BBC Business 4991m
  • With the U.S. government poised to debate reparations, there's a lot to learn from Evanston, Illinois. Link
    Businessweek 4991m
    voted 25-17 to advance a bill to study the effects of slavery and discrimination—and recommend remedies. It's the first time the full Congress will consider the measure, H.R. 40, which has been introduced in every session since the late 1980s.  “This legislation is long overdue,” Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat,
  • Procurement is evolving and its no longer just about commercial value. As outsourcing and supply chains continue to grow, so does risk. Watch our latest video to learn more Link #procurement #suppliermanagement #CPOs https://t.co/mDtJnuoDMO
    IHS Markit Financial Services 4991m

    Know Your Third Party (KY3P®) Transcript

    Procurement is evolving. Are you?

    The focus has shifted. Procurement is no longer just about commercial value.

    As firms continue to outsource more core and non-core functions, supply chains are growing in size, complexity and organizational impact.

    In a complex and volatile world, procurement is about delivering resilience, protecting the organization's reputation, competitive position, and market share.

    The challenge

    As the reliance on outsourcing grows and regulatory requirements intensify, the supply chain faces greater volatility than ever before.

    The answer

    It’s time to focus on the opportunities with KY3P®. The industry standard for supplier and third-party risk management

    Uncover supply chain vulnerabilities and identify risk exposure, standardize onboarding and oversight processes, collect and maintain risk information efficiently to generate risk scores and drive...

  • RT @karenfinerman: Such a NY city thing. Love it! https://t.co/NOicsIx4yx
    Dan Nathan 4991m
  • London businesses demand return of the Night Tube amid delay until 2022 Link https://t.co/c9jivSe837
    City A.M. 4991m

    The Night Tube was first suspended on 20 March last year at the outbreak of the pandemic, with plans to restart this spring.

    However, Byford told the Evening Standard the service is unlikely to resume until at least 2022, with potential delays running well into next year.

    “We need the personnel to keep the day services going and frankly there isn’t the demand for it, so there are no immediate plans to restore the Night Tube within a year, and certainly not before 2022,” he said.

    The news incensed businesses in the night time economy, which have seen the bulk of venues shuttered for more than a year during the pandemic.

    Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), said the decision would prove “catastrophic” for London businesses.

  • The internet-connected world is completely dependent on the production of semiconductors. That’s become a problem now that supplies are running short. Link
    NYT Business 4996m
    Chip shortages for higher-end systems are not unusual. But it is uncommon for an array of industries to be scrambling for the common chips embedded in many of their products.Credit...Arno Burgi/picture alliance, via Getty Images
  • RT @GregoryNYC: Mom jeans are back in style. “We’re definitely seeing a lot of uptake on these looser fits, and our competitors have all f…
    NYT Business 4996m
  • Italy is targeting an 11.8% budget deficit this year as it seeks billions of extra euros in borrowing to keep its economy afloat Link
    Bloomberg Markets 4996m

    Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet approved the new numbers on Thursday, forecasting economic growth at 4.1% in 2021 and targeting it at 4.5% once stimulus measures and other legislation are factored in, according to a government official.

  • Join us today for #HBRwebinar ‘Measuring the Business Value of an Exceptional Customer Experience’: Link https://t.co/6m8tUThd2s
    Harvard Business Review 4996m
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