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    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:49
  • Media Stopped Describing Targeting Of Trump As "Raid" After Former FBI Agent Complained Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:49

    Federal agents ransacked Trump’s Florida home, even going through his wife Melania’s wardrobes, in a bid to find classified records Trump allegedly took from the White House.

    Trump supporters assert that the boxes recovered during the raid contain files that were already declassified by the time Trump left office.

    The raid was carried out after an FBI informant had infiltrated Mar-a-Lago and discovered the precise location of where the files were being kept.

    Despite widespread anger at the raid from both Trump supporters and Republicans in general, one former FBI agent tried to language police by insisting that the raid, timed for when the feds knew Trump wouldn’t be home, was not in fact a raid.

    “Agents, by the way, don’t like the word raid, they don’t like it,” former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi told MSNBC.

    “It sounds like it’s some kind of, you know, extra judicial non legal thing. It’s the execution of a search warrant. It’s a court...

  • Oil is so excited by the drop in CPI and PPI it has undone 25% of last month's energy deflation already
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:44
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:39
  • White House Rethinking China Tariff Strategy In Wake Of Taiwan Turmoil Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:29

    In the wake of China's military drills around Taiwan that followed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island, the Biden administration is rethinking its plans to modify tariffs on Chinese goods, according to a Reuters report that cites "sources familiar with the deliberations." 

    Biden has been eyeing reduced tariffs as a means of countering U.S. price inflation that remains near 40-year highs. At the same time, the administration has been considering the imposition of new tariffs. Now, however, both kinds of adjustments are getting a new look as the White House is wary of signaling either weakness or escalation in the face of Chinese saber-rattling.  

    "After Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, it's particularly complicated. So the president is weighing his options," Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told Bloomberg TV. "He is very cautious. He wants to make sure that we don't do anything which would hurt American labor...

  • Ivana Trump's Money Lessons for Older Americans Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:19

    Authored by Richard Rosso via RealInvestmentAdvice.com,

    Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald Trump, was recently found dead in her Manhattan residence. She was 73.

    Known throughout her life as a dynamo socialite and dealmaker in heels, her death from a blunt trauma from a fall down the stairs in her multi-story townhome, was a shock to residents who perceived her as vibrant and full of life. So, her passing got me thinking about Ivana Trump’s money lessons for older Americans.

    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:09
  • Meanwhile, if you want heat in Europe this winter, you are lucky to have an extra lung and/or kidney
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:04
  • RT @EliekfouriE: The Merge just happened on testnet, next Mainnet!!! @EthereumOnARM @superphiz @BanklessBR @BanklessHQ https://t.co/sdkD38I…
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 13:04
  • Sanofi, GSK Plummet After Zantac Lawsuit Concerns Wipe Out $40 Billion In Value Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:59

    Shares in Sanofi, GSK, and Haleon have lost a combined $40 billion in market cap since Tuesday's close, amid a flurry of US personal-injury lawsuits claiming that Zantac - a once-popular antacid - causes cancer.

  • RT @c0rellian: @dougboneparth @litcapital Year over year, my portfolio is down 99%. But month over month, my portfolio is also down 99%.
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:54
  • yo BBG, why no PPI in ECAN today
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:49
  • Prices for portfolio management declined 7.9% A whole lot of fintwit experts will need PPP loans again
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:49
  • 80% of the July decline in the index for final demand goods is attributable to gasoline prices, which fell 16.7% . Celebrate the Fed pivot by buying cheap, cheap gasoline hand over fist
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:49
  • Biggest monthly drop in intermediate PPI since Lehman https://t.co/1i3rGHl9P4
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:44
  • RT @dougboneparth: If you’re wondering why people confuse year over year changes with month over month changes, it’s because they are stupi…
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:44
  • Initial Jobless Claims Surge To Highest Since November Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:44

    The number of Americans filing for jobless benefits for the first time last week was 262k, notably higher than the 248k the prior week. That is the highest since Nov26 2021.

  • The Inflation Reduction Act was a glorious success before it even passed.
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:39
  • Producer Prices Dip In July, Remain Near Record Highs YoY Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:39

    After 27 straight monthly increases, Producer Prices dropped in July (-0.5%), notably colder than the +0.2% expected - the biggest drop since April 2020. But on a YoY basis, PPI remains up a shocking 9.8%...

  • Prices are falling so fast, Americans are saving money at a feverish pace: it could wreck the economy Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:34
    starting to look like inflation will end up being "transitory". FUCKING HILARIOUS! As long as governments dial back the pandemic stimulus, there will be deflation because the megatrends that were causing deflation b4 the pandemic are only accelerating (technology & demographics)
  • We officially have 0.5% deflation. We must act now with the Deflation Reduction Act Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:34
    Deflation and recession. Huge influx of stock with lower demand thanks to inflation we have a new norm in prices. Doubt they will drop prices as it would be at a huge loss
  • PPI -0.5% M/M, Exp. 0.2%, Last 1.1% PPI 9.8% Y/Y, Exp. 10.4%, Last 11.3% PPI Core 0.2% M/M, Exp. 0.4%, Last 0.4% PPI Core 7.6% Y/Y, Exp. 7.7%, Last 8.2%
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:34
  • Two weeks ago: "No One Is Positioned For Any Good News:" Record Shorting In Tech Ensures 'Most Hated Rally' Will Continue Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:29

    July was a tremendous month for stocks, it was also a mediocre (at best) month for hedge funds which not only underperform the S&P when stocks slide (as they did during the crashes of 2020 and early this year), but also underperform the broader market during sharp squeezes like the one that took place in July, prompting some to ask just what is the point of paying someone 2 and 20 to some overweight billionaire to always underperform.

    The question of hedge fund utility becomes that much more pressing when one reads in the latest Goldman Sachs Prime Services hedge fund weekly report that while the GS Equity Fundamental L/S Performance Estimate rose +0.57% between 7/22 and 7/28 (roughly a third the performance of broader - and free - MSCI World TR +1.74%), this return was driven almost entirely by beta of +0.56% (i.e., market exposure), with alpha of just +0.01%.

    In other words, not only can't hedge funds generate alpha, they can't even keep up with the market's...

  • OPEC Sees Global Oil Market Tipping Into Surplus This Quarter And here come the output cuts
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:24
  • A Most Peculiar Recession Link
    zerohedge Thu 11 Aug 2022 12:19

    Only old people experienced real recessions--those in 1973-74 and 1980-82. Recessions since then have been shorter and less systemic.

    In the good old days, a recession laid waste to entire industries which never recovered their previous employment. People who were laid off couldn't find another job. Major sectors of the economy dried up and blew away. Jobs were scarce and there was an oversupply of people looking for work.

    We're told consumer confidence is in the dumps and everyone expects the worst: recession! Oh Lordy. Interestingly, there isn't much evidence of this near-panic behaviorally. Everyone's tightening their belts and battening down the hatches, but it's not the cliff-dive we see in a real recession.

    There's certainly a lot of froth to be scraped off the latte, but what I'm curious about are the armatures of the economy and what I'm seeing is the crowd ignoring key dynamics because they're so busy pushing the Recessionary...

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