• In moments of crisis, communication and culture are critical to a company’s success. Former @Cisco Chairman and CEO @JohnTChambers shares lessons learned in conversation with @Nasdaq’s SVP of Listings @jeffreyfthomas at @nasdaqcenter. Read more: Link https://t.co/khIjetKSbw
    Nasdaq Fri 29 May 2020 18:44

    As the novel coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe, entrepreneurs and founders found themselves in an unprecedented situation. The longest bull market on record suddenly slipped away, and thousands of jobs were lost as social distancing measures forced businesses to reevaluate their strategy and operations. This week, former Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers, who led the company through the dot-com bubble and the financial crisis, shared his playbook on leading through a crisis, emphasizing the importance of communication and culture.

    Chambers detailed the lessons he has learned from the successes and failures throughout his extensive career in a new Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center town hall, hosted by Jeff Thomas, senior vice president and head of Western U.S. Listings and Capital Markets at Nasdaq. Now, as founder and CEO of the purpose-driven venture firm JC2 Ventures, Chambers is using his expertise to help disruptive...

  • In tough times, showing up for each other is essential. Today we teamed up with #NasdaqListed @Potbelly to provide lunch for frontline workers in Detroit. #ThankYouHealthcareWorkers https://t.co/CfUZbHv2Zf
    Nasdaq Fri 29 May 2020 18:29
  • RT @TradeTalks: Economic data headlines look better in the details. @Nasdaq Chief Economist @phil_mackintosh joins Global Markets Reporter…
    Nasdaq Fri 29 May 2020 15:44
  • Yesterday, a record $114 billion was traded in a single day on the London OTC Gold market. Learn more about @Nasdaq and @LBMA precious metals market data here: Link https://t.co/c3llIvxnum
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 21:53

    LBMA-i Precious Metals data provides a daily snapshot of the size of the LBMA membership’s share of the Loco London and Loco Zurich OTC market for precious metals – covering Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. 

    Formed in direct response to a need for transparent and simplified reporting, LBMA-i reporting service collates anonymous and aggregated trade volume data from LBMA members.

    Contact Us to Subscribe Today!

  • Due to extensive experience with crisis management plans and ISO certifications, the Central Securities Depository of Chile, DCV can guarantee continuity of services during #COVID19. Read our interview with General Manager, Fernando Yáñez, here: Link https://t.co/Rdqk9xJTlJ
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 21:43

    Nasdaq is committed to the resiliency of the global market ecosystem during this time of unprecedented change in our industry. Our Market Technology community, which includes market infrastructure organizations spanning more than 50 countries, is truly keeping markets up and running. With exchanges laying the foundation for capital formation and job growth, these organizations will continue to play a critical role in the health and recovery of local economies around the world and greater global capital markets ecosystem.

  • How will Reg NMS II impact the markets? Nasdaq Chief Economist @phil_mackintosh explains: Link #MarketMakers
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 21:18

    The SEC’s new NMS II proposals seem to lack an overarching philosophy of how markets work best.

    On the one hand, they want to reduce duplicative costs and create a more “free market” solution to data distribution that speeds up the Best Bid and Offer (BBO).

    On the other hand, they want to increase government controls over even more market data. Something that will, ironically, slow the Securities Information Processors (SIPs) back down and duplicate fixed costs.

    It also goes against the current view that the SIP should only be for data the industry is mandated to buy. But instead of expanding the regulated data to protect investors more, the new rules reduce many of the protections investors currently get from lit quotes.

    Table 1: How regulated data works now vs. under NMS II

  • RT @TradeTalks: Could the resurgence of value suggest the old economy is about to recover? @Nasdaq Chief Economist @phil_mackintosh joins G…
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 19:23
  • Cloud-based technology has been a key differentiator in @Nasdaq’s market resilience. CIO Brad Peterson spoke with @Forbes to discuss how his team is working to keep markets open while also supporting a remote workforce. Link https://t.co/b2jTswPvxV
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 19:08
  • RT @OpportunityFund: We're counting down the hours to #EatDrinkGive! Join us TODAY at 6pm PT/9pm ET for a virtual cocktail and dinner party…
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 17:13
  • ? @NelsonGriggs on the #IPO pipeline: “If the markets do hold...there is a chance we’ll have a healthy IPO market that’s multisector.” Link via @business https://t.co/kArqZ8Lwzz
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 16:03
  • In the last 24 hours, investors stay closely tuned to the ongoing tension between the US and China. @ChrisJVersace and @EllesEconomy discuss today’s news around social media, #COVID19 and more: Link
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 13:27

    Today’s Big Picture

    In the last 24 hours, investors have been watching the latest escalation between the US and China after China’s parliament passed the controversial national security bill for Hong Kong and blocked a Trump administration effort for a United Nations Security Council meeting on China’s security bill. The passage of that bill into law raises concerns over Hong Kong’s future as a financial center, runs the risk of sparking even more protests, and could lead to companies leaving Hong Kong. 

    Yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Congress that Hong Kong was no longer autonomous from China, raising questions over its favorable trade status with the US. Last night, the US House of Representatives authorized sanctions against Chinese officials for human rights abuses against Muslim minorities, which, having been passed by the Senate, now heads to President Donald Trump, who hasn’t said whether he would sign it...

  • .@upwork’s focus on remote freelancers has enabled them to adapt quickly to #COVID19 limitations, while also educating their clients on best practices. Discover how they are helping clients shift to the new normal: Link https://t.co/ag7mGCdK1J
    Nasdaq Thu 28 May 2020 12:02

    With the country turning to corporate America to lead recovery and create lasting change, businesses should be planning for a new, stronger future, according to Nelson Griggs, president of Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

    “We’re challenging ourselves to think differently,” Griggs said during Survey Monkey’s 3rd annual Curiosity Conference.

    New research by SurveyMonkey found that 75% of people believe a CEO should take the lead on change rather than the government. During the virtual conference, Griggs and other prominent business leaders, including ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro, UpWork CEO Hayden Brown and Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta, shared how they have led through the pandemic – especially how they have transformed feedback into action.

    Griggs noted that Nasdaq had relatively early insight into the pandemic due to its office presence in Hong Kong. The company moved quickly, implementing split teams globally in early March,...

  • Today, we welcome exploration & production company @ApacheCorp ($APA) to our market after nearly 16 years as a dual listed company. Apache helps #RewriteTomorrow by contributing to global progress & supporting the world's energy needs. https://t.co/LtaRyTCI2J
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 22:01
  • We discuss upcoming cloud and data research with @kmcpartland, Head of Market Structure & Technology Research at @GreenwichAssoc on #NasdaqSpotlight. Link
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 20:46
  • Today’s #SpaceX crewed launch has been scrubbed due to weather. The next launch attempt will be on Saturday, May 30 at 3:22 pm ET. We look forward to tuning in then!  #LaunchAmerica
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 20:36
  • RT @NASA: LIVE NOW: History is about to be made. Watch as @NASA_Astronauts #LaunchAmerica to the @Space_Station from American soil for the…
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 18:56
  • ?It’s time to #LaunchAmerica. Be a part of history with @NASA’s @SpaceX Demo-2 test flight as astronauts @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug make their way to the @Space_Station. ??? Watch live: Link https://t.co/tWNNoML5Gi
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 18:56
  • Nasdaq supports the SEC’s adoption to improve certain financial disclosure requirements to reduce the complexity and costs. We continue to focus our efforts on proxy reforms as outlined in our blueprint to #RevitalizeMarkets. Learn more: Link.
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 18:01

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted amendments that modify certain financial disclosure requirements about acquisitions and dispositions of businesses. 

    Among other things, the amendments will simplify the disclosure framework for issuers. Specifically, under the proposals, the audited financial statements required to be disclosed for an acquired business will be reduced from three years to two years. The amendments also will permit issuers to prepare financial statements of acquired businesses in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (“IFRS-IASB”) without reconciliation to U.S. generally accepted accounting principles in certain circumstances.

    Some of the amendments also may benefit companies seeking to launch an initial public offering (IPO). Specifically, the amendments allow a company filing an initial...

  • RT @TradeTalks: There is a dichotomy between stocks and the economy. @Nasdaq Chief Economist @phil_mackintosh joins Global Markets Reporter…
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 17:31
  • Reg NMS II will jeopardize the success of U.S. equity markets. Explore our full commentary on the SEC’s “Regulation NMS II” proposal: Link https://t.co/5Ffd5p5Kli
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 16:31

    Simply put, the SEC’s proposed changes to the National Market System introduce risk to the U.S. equities market that is already the envy of the world.

    With all the debate about equity market structure, including market data, one might think our markets are a mess. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The performance and quality of the U.S. equity markets are exemplary and have steadily improved over the years – to investors’ benefit. Bid-ask spreads are tighter; stock prices are more efficient; execution speeds are faster; execution quality is up; trading costs are down; and, surveillance is more sophisticated. As an exclamation point, the equity markets have functioned remarkably well during the historical volumes, volatility, and stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Given the current market conditions, now is not the time to introduce unnecessary risk to U.S. markets in what the SEC describes as a “Market Data Infrastructure” proposal. We must take the...

  • RT @quandl: Just Announced — Quandl's Chief Data Officer, @athomasq, is hosting a live webinar on June 4th. Attendees will learn how to u…
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 14:46
  • US futures point to a positive market open that would continue the recent rally in US equities, but the path ahead is far from worry-free. @ChrisJVersace and @EllesEconomy analyze today’s markets: Link
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 12:36

    Today’s Big Picture

    Asian markets traded today on a mixed note while European equities moved higher, fueled by optimism over economic re-openings and speculation that the European Union will announce a stimulus package worth as much as €750 billion($823 billion). European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is expected to announce the detailed plan, which is part of the effort to lift the EU out of a pandemic led recession. That reopening optimism has spilled over to the US equity markets, overcoming reports that the US is developing a “strong response” to China’s planned national security legislation for Hong Kong, which is expected to be unveiled before the end of the week. 

    US futures point to a positive market open that would continue the recent rally in US equities. In our view, the market has been thirsty for positive data on the economic, corporate,...

  • What is high-performance coach, @annvertel’s advice to help teams adapt to our new normal? “Organizations can set their employees up for success by continually and consistently focusing and refocusing them on moving forward.” Discover more of her tips: Link https://t.co/2EmlJ2lv07
    Nasdaq Wed 27 May 2020 12:01

    As we transition into a new normal, we grapple with both professional and personal adjustments. We reached out to a few thought leaders who are experts on guiding organizations through times of change, coping with uncertainty and maintaining performance. 

    We spoke with Dr. Ann Vertel, a high-performance coach and consultant. She spent 20 years in her career as a Naval Officer and developed an expertise in maintaining performance despite the circumstances. Today, Dr. Vertel is also a successful psychologist. In our Q&A, she shared how we adapt to a new “normal.”

    In your career as a 20-year Naval Officer, you’ve learned a lot about adapting and thriving. As we prepare to re-emerge in a physical work environment, how can organizations set up their employees for success?

    Military people have an innate ability to take things in stride, to identify the things that are truly important and the things that all just part...

  • The pandemic has greatly impacted connectivity, but not how you might think. Writer and performance coach @BStulberg reminds us that “all of our actions affect one another. We're all very connected, whether we like it or not.” Read the interview here: Link https://t.co/Q02igJZRzC
    Nasdaq Tue 26 May 2020 23:00

    As we transition into a new normal, we grapple with both professional and personal adjustments. We reached out to a few thought leaders who are experts on guiding organizations through times of change, coping with uncertainty and maintaining performance. 

    We sat down with Brad Stulberg, writer and performance coach, to weigh in on staying connected amid a crisis. Stulberg is an expert on all things health, wellness and mastery of capabilities that transcends domains. He has written "Do It Better," his popular column with Outside Magazine, as well as essays and articles for other leading outlets such as The New York Times, Wired, New York Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and more.

    How has social distancing amid a crisis affected our ability to stay connected as a society? 

    In some ways, it has diminished it vastly. In other ways, perhaps it has enhanced it. I never liked the term "social" distancing. I wish they...

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest from our #GreenVoices newsletter. Discover how companies are working to #RewriteTomorrow through their #ESG efforts. Link https://t.co/b1bj8ibn4j
    Nasdaq Tue 26 May 2020 22:00

    The interest in ESG and sustainable investments is growing at an astonishing pace. Nasdaq is experiencing strong client demand in ESG screened products and services across many parts of our organization, and we want to further encourage the shift towards more sustainable markets through additional product innovation and by facilitating a continuous dialogue between investors, issuers and other stakeholders.

    In this newsletter, we will gather our latest updates, insights and inspiration on all things ESG and sustainable finance. We hope you will find it a useful tool and encourage you to send us your feedback.

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