• Jane Fraser of #Citi joins #FCDavosDialogues tomorrow to discuss how banking will evolve over next dozen years. #WEF20
    Citi Wed 22 Jan 2020 22:00
  • Pointing to our work in gender pay equity & the recent launch of the $150M Impact Investing Fund, @Forbes looks at how #Citi is “pairing our internal and external efforts to drive change” and address societal challenges. More here: Link
    Citi Wed 22 Jan 2020 21:50

    Last week, Citi announced the launch of a $150 million Impact Fund that will make equity investments in businesses that are making a social impact, with a focus on women and minority business owners. This announcement coincides with the release of their annual pay transparency report, which showed a 2% improvement in closing the raw pay gap for Citi employees. Citi was the first major financial institution to go public with their pay equity numbers in 2018, as well as commit to full pay transparency for both gender and race. 

    Citi’s work in pay transparency is a pacesetting move within an industry has the largest pay gap when compared to other major commercial sectors. In a blog post by Sara Wechter, Head of Human Resources, the global banking corporation detailed their continuing commitment to creating equal pay. “As we’ve said before, transparency breeds accountability and we took that important first step last year in disclosing our pay equity results. We know the...

  • #Citi Community Capital is proud to be a financing partner of @fatherjoes and the just-announced Saint Teresa of Calcutta Villa, the second project in a series to create long-term housing for people experiencing homelessness in San Diego. Learn more: Link https://t.co/6VVD259cS8
    Citi Wed 22 Jan 2020 19:45

    On January 7th, Father Joe’s Villages will renovate an old motel as the first in its Turning the Key initiative, which creates permanent housing solutions to homelessness while offering its full suite of services for its residents. Father Joe’s Villages will host a...

  • Knowing the strengths and areas for improvement of nonprofit organizations can help you better support them. Karen Kardos, Head of Philanthropic Advisory at #Citi Private Bank, shares how research can help bring your philanthropic mission to life: Link https://t.co/NjsbspnX69
    Citi Wed 22 Jan 2020 17:25

    When it comes to philanthropy, we are often asked “How do I create impact?” or we hear mantras such as “I want to make sure my dollars count!” The best way forward starts with doing your homework.

    Effective and efficient research is critical; not only to understand the landscape and any relevant issues, but also to learn about the nonprofits you and your family may choose to support.

    Understanding the landscape of the cause or initiative your family wants to support can begin with online research. This helps family members develop a better understanding and education about the cause, the associated issues, needs, funding gaps, opportunities, and nonprofit organizations working in that space.

    Contacting local community groups, the local chamber of commerce, or other local institutions (e.g. research facilities, hospitals, universities, local governments, etc.) can also yield helpful information. Meeting with nonprofits already working on a particular...

  • #Citi is proud to support the annual #MeninoSurvey with our partners @BUonCities & @RockefellerFdn, and continue “to work with mayors across the U.S. to invest in key projects that help our cities grow in more equitable ways,” said @edskyler. More here: Link https://t.co/W7OQGNOyZv
    Citi Wed 22 Jan 2020 16:35

    Latest Menino Survey of Mayors from Boston University Initiative on Cities, supported by Citi Community Development and The Rockefeller Foundation, also Addresses Opportunity Zones, Climate Change, and the Future of Work

    According to Boston University Initiative on Cities’ 2019 Menino Survey of Mayors – the only national representative survey of American mayors – city executives believe our nation’s crumbling infrastructure is the most important issue presidential candidates should be talking about on the campaign trail. In an open-ended question, 45 percent of mayors said infrastructure was the issue related to cities they hoped was discussed during the election, a response with so much consensus that the next top answer was housing affordability with only 15 percent.

    Perhaps signaling growing concerns about the impacts of climate change on their cities, 25 percent of mayors cited water, wastewater, and stormwater projects, more than any other type of...

  • Tune in at 11am EST to hear from #Citi TTS’s Ebru Pakcan and Gulru Atak on how today’s companies can embrace digital transformation through innovation and partnerships: Citi Wed 22 Jan 2020 16:00

    The successful businesses of today need to transform their mindset and culture to survive and indeed thrive in the future. Join this webinar to learn the opportunities and challenges posed by technological transformation.

    Experts from Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) will showcase the importance of reassessing company structure and strategy with the emergence of new technologies. Citi is at the heart of digital transformation, driving new growth opportunities by designing smarter solutions for increasingly sophisticated clients. Secondly, Citi is enthusiastically adopting an ecosystem approach (a radical step for a bank) and striving to make innovation mainstream from a cultural and organisational perspective.

    Find out how a new approach to innovation and partnerships is key to your company’s future success!

  • Contrary to popular belief, the data of the latest #Citi GPS report shows that the big spenders on experiences are Baby Boomers not Millennials, at least in developed markets. Read more: Link https://t.co/xeZtC5zFiy
    Citi Wed 22 Jan 2020 12:29
    Back in the 1980s in the U.S., the term ‘Yuppie’ was coined to describe the new ‘young urban professionals’ who had taken over meetings rooms and restaurants. To make sure you were following the trend on point there was even a ‘Yuppie Handbook’ that gave detailed instructions on the necessary gear to be considered part of the club — a designer watch, a pin-striped suit, as well as a certain brand of overcoat and briefcase and a sports car. The mid-1980s were all about showing off your status by having the most expensive stuff. The era came to a quick halt with the stock market crash of 1987.
  • In the latest Car of the Future #Citi GPS report we discuss the progress being made in Europe on autonomous vehicles. Read more here: Link https://t.co/yoQjHLavUh
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 21:34
  • #Citi has been recognized by @FortuneMagazine as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.” Learn more: Link https://t.co/7ObZmXQilc
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 20:34
  • As the supply chain finance space responds to a changing landscape, banks must increase collaboration and evaluate the future of their role in the industry. Learn more: Link https://t.co/nkdvEbeX9f
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 20:04

    In our annual US-based roundtable discussion, GTR gathered senior trade finance bankers in New York in December to talk concerns around supply chain finance; question whether or not enough collaboration is happening in the market; and evaluate the future role of banks.


    Roundtable participants

  • RT @femalequotient: “Having diversity isn’t an imperative to excellence; it’s a pathway to excellence.” – Jane Fraser, President, @Citi an…
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 19:34
  • “We’re in the very early stages of writing the next chapter of banking — and that chapter is digital.” Hear from #Citi CEO Mike Corbat on the future of monetary and financial systems. Link #WEF20
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 18:59
  • For the 14th consecutive year, #Citi is included in @Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index. We’re honored to be among these top global companies advancing gender equality in the workplace and promoting greater data transparency. Link #BloombergGEI #GenderEquality https://t.co/UWwGpXb9UW
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 18:04
  • In retail, we are pushing ourselves to provide best in life experiences, not just best in bank. To take frictions out of people’s lives – to reimagine banking. – CEO Mike Corbat on #Citi’s retail strategy on @BSurveillance at #WEF20 Watch: Link
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 16:14
  • CEO Mike Corbat on @BSurveillance: “We are coming off of a strong year and a strong close to the year, and if you look at a product level, at a geography level, [we had] solid performance across our businesses.” Watch the full interview here: Link #WEF20
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 15:44
  • #Citi CEO Mike Corbat joined @SquawkCNBC at #WEF20 this morning to discuss monetary policy and inflation, continued consumer strength and his outlook for the current economic cycle. Watch here: Link
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 14:18
    Citi is coming off its best year since 1999, with the stock surging over 53% in 2019. Michael Corbat, CEO of Citi, joins "Squawk Box" at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss.
  • Citi's David Livingstone discussed global economic outlook, trends in European banking and banks' important role in financing the transition to a low-carbon economy with @CNNMoneyCH ahead of #WEF20 Link
    Citi Tue 21 Jan 2020 10:23
    Banks are increasingly under fire from climate activists for funding fossil fuel projects. David Livingstone, Citigroup’s CEO in the EMEA region, says lenders have an important role to play in financing the transition to a broader base of energy sources.
  • Tune in to watch #Citi CEO Mike Corbat on @CNBC tomorrow morning at approx. 12:15 pm CET/6:15 am EST and @BloombergTV at approx. 1:00 pm CET/7:00 am EST. #WEF20
    Citi Mon 20 Jan 2020 21:03
  • Tomorrow at #WEF20, #Citi CEO Mike Corbat will participate in a discussion on the future of monetary and financial systems starting at approx. 8:30 am CET/2:30 am EST. Watch live here: Link @WEF
    Citi Mon 20 Jan 2020 20:33
  • RT @RESCUE_UK: Proud to partner with @Citi Foundation to support young businesspeople like Musa, who set up his own small business after fl…
    Citi Mon 20 Jan 2020 16:28
  • RT @RESCUE_UK: With a little help from @Citi Foundation and the IRC, Laraba was able to get her own business off the ground after being for…
    Citi Mon 20 Jan 2020 15:53
  • We're thrilled to share that #Citi has made this year’s #CDPAList! We’re proud to be recognized by @CDP for our ongoing work in climate disclosures and corporate sustainability leadership. More here: Link https://t.co/beejTvXdkk
    Citi Mon 20 Jan 2020 14:02

    CDP’s annual A List names the world's most pioneering companies leading on environmental transparency and performance. This year, we recognize more than 170 corporates as the leaders acting to address climate risks and build our future zero-carbon economy - one that works for both people and planet.

  • Baby Boomers drive experiential commerce in advanced economies. Read why in the new #Citi GPS report: Link https://t.co/XF0jjpfwpN
    Citi Mon 20 Jan 2020 12:17
    Back in the 1980s in the U.S., the term ‘Yuppie’ was coined to describe the new ‘young urban professionals’ who had taken over meetings rooms and restaurants. To make sure you were following the trend on point there was even a ‘Yuppie Handbook’ that gave detailed instructions on the necessary gear to be considered part of the club — a designer watch, a pin-striped suit, as well as a certain brand of overcoat and briefcase and a sports car. The mid-1980s were all about showing off your status by having the most expensive stuff. The era came to a quick halt with the stock market crash of 1987.
  • In the latest episode of the @FourBlock Podcast, #Citi Managing Director, retired Army Colonel and Citi Salutes Co-Lead John Tien discusses his 24 years of service and transition from leading troops in combat to leading colleagues at our firm. Listen now: Link https://t.co/yuXOmRVcoO
    Citi Fri 17 Jan 2020 22:05

    Duty-Honor-Country. This week, we welcome Citigroup Managing Director and retired Army Colonel John Tien. John is a first-generation American who felt a duty and obligation to serve the country that provided so much for his family. He ended up serving for 24 years, which included three combat tours to Iraq and three tours in the White House serving Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. John discusses his incredible service, the impact of his time in the Army on his family, and the similarities and differences between leading troops in combat and teammates at Citigroup. If you are a civilian seeking to better understand military service or a veteran trying to learn how to most effectively transition military leadership principles to a corporate environment – this is a must-listen episode!  ABOUT US Welcome to the FourBlock Podcast, a show that examines veteran career transition and the military-civilian divide in the workplace. General Charles...

  • 10 #Citi Financial Advisors made this year’s @Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisors list, which recognizes industry experience and expertise. Congratulations to them all! Link
    Citi Fri 17 Jan 2020 21:35
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