• Jim Reid’s #ChartoftheDay is from Chief Global Strategist Binky Chadha who expects a third consecutive quarter of robust beats, this time at 13% median 3.4%, again led by the cyclical sectors, albeit smaller than the record 20% in Q2 and 17% in Q3 #dbresearch https://t.co/nTNUDkIgI9
    Deutsche Bank Fri 15 Jan 2021 16:32
  • Today’s #ChartoftheDay from Jim Reid looks at the weekly change in COVID-19 vaccinations as a % of the population in the countries we have data, representing a sample of where the current run rate is given countries started the roll-out at different times #dbresearch https://t.co/MAzIbIAAcz
    Deutsche Bank Wed 13 Jan 2021 16:15
  • A recent #dbDIG Household Survey among households in Asia and Europe found that people are less inclined to pull back from economic activity, as they did during the initial of the virus. #dbResearch #dbAsiaTakeaway https://t.co/VbyQ1J4FT0
    Deutsche Bank Mon 11 Jan 2021 02:33
  • @SEC_News https://t.co/HisLZqYpeJ
    Deutsche Bank Fri 08 Jan 2021 21:36
  • New analysis from Chief US Economist Matthew Luzzetti and the team shows the US economy is expected to converge towards pre-virus trajectory in 2022 #dbresearch https://t.co/2cckzQjnrx
    Deutsche Bank Thu 07 Jan 2021 21:20
  • Existing infrastructure for flu jabs will help with the roll-out of #coronavirus vaccines in 2021. Our #dbresearch #ChartoftheDay shows Korea, UK and US top the list of over 65 year olds receiving the flu jab in the last available year of data. #ReidoftheDay https://t.co/XJAOGeSN0O
    Deutsche Bank Wed 06 Jan 2021 07:43
  • We wish you a happy and healthy New Year. We'll be back for you on January 4th, 2021. For questions concerning accounts or service please contact the Deutsche Bank Service +49 69 910-10000. #HappyNewYear #HNY https://t.co/y9rTlCJ5gE
    Deutsche Bank Wed 30 Dec 2020 11:22
  • Deutsche Bank China’s Tony Chao on what the recently approved China domestic fund custody license means for the bank and our clients. @DBCorporateBank #SecuritiesServices https://t.co/uIIUsNicJL
    Deutsche Bank Tue 22 Dec 2020 02:20
  • Back to normal? In our #dbresearch December market sentiment survey, only 35% of respondents expect to return to their normal office in the next month – the lowest level since July. #ChartoftheDay #ReidoftheDay https://t.co/0MNOl2vYZd
    Deutsche Bank Mon 21 Dec 2020 16:34
  • #FestiveFact: This year’s “Your Finances, Your Future” programme from @JASpain enabled more than 180 young students across Spain to benefit from financial education #dbBorntoBe @DeutscheBankES https://t.co/f1WRT1wzFy
    Deutsche Bank Sat 19 Dec 2020 13:07
  • Christmas presents: in our #dbresearch December market sentiment survey, we asked 984 market professionals around the world to tell us the worst Christmas present someone could get them. #ChartoftheDay #ReidoftheDay https://t.co/lDPxnIK7oX
    Deutsche Bank Fri 18 Dec 2020 16:37
  • #FestiveFact: Our colleagues in India planted 40,000 fruit-bearing trees in 2020 to support the livelihood of displaced migrant workers impacted by #Covid19. @dbcitizenship https://t.co/7sPZPdsJRO
    Deutsche Bank Fri 18 Dec 2020 09:51
  • #FestiveFact: Our Student to STEMette programme matched 69 young women with female role models. Through support in educational and career decision making, the programme is inspiring the next generation of the STEM workforce. #dbBorntoBe @Stemettes @dbcitizenship https://t.co/tFeZusEVbB
    Deutsche Bank Thu 17 Dec 2020 10:00
  • #FestiveFact: CSR Americas supported the virtual launch of the Schomburg Center’s Literary Festival, a 6-day program celebrating Black authors, tripling their audience to nearly 3,500 live viewers around the globe. @dbcitizenship https://t.co/Fvd33yIa51
    Deutsche Bank Wed 16 Dec 2020 15:00
  • #Covid19 vaccine: in our #dbresearch December market sentiment survey, 48% of those asked said they would be willing to be vaccinated within one month of an approved vaccine being made available to them. #ChartoftheDay #ReidoftheDay https://t.co/ag0KK5tHCL
    Deutsche Bank Tue 15 Dec 2020 17:34
  • We're celebrating 50 years of Deutsche Bank in Paris! #OTD in 1970, Deutsche Bank opened a representative office on the Place Vendôme in Paris. Today, with a staff of 220, our activities in France comprise Investment and Corporate Banking, and Asset and Wealth Management. https://t.co/RXNioINy4F
    Deutsche Bank Tue 15 Dec 2020 11:58
  • #FestiveFact: This year’s Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank’s performance of Macbeth was viewed over 494,000 times on YouTube. @The_Globe #PSwDB #dbBorntoBe https://t.co/Q6LAnYaIrh
    Deutsche Bank Tue 15 Dec 2020 09:08
  • Michael Spencer, APAC Chief Economist: “The #semiconductor arms race may be the defining feature of the next decade.” #dbResearch #EmergingMarkets #dbAsiaTakeaway https://t.co/IDMIJtYjfW
    Deutsche Bank Tue 15 Dec 2020 02:18
  • Market risk 2021: in our #dbresearch December market sentiment survey, we asked 984 market professionals around the world to tell us what they see as the biggest risks to markets in 2021. #ChartoftheDay #ReidoftheDay https://t.co/ydHTT616Ms
    Deutsche Bank Mon 14 Dec 2020 17:43
  • In our latest monthly market sentiment survey covering 984 market professionals across the world, we asked our readers about their market and world views going into 2021. #ChartoftheDay #ReidoftheDay #dbresearch https://t.co/T1wR3b5QQi
    Deutsche Bank Mon 14 Dec 2020 17:33
  • #FestiveFact: In APAC, our colleagues delivered more than 200,000 meals and food packs to the elderly, the homeless and those in low-income communities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. @dbcitizenship https://t.co/jCsMQ3za0y
    Deutsche Bank Mon 14 Dec 2020 09:47
  • WATCH: Will #EmergingMarkets be the comeback kid next year? Our Head of EM Research Sameer Goel thinks so, and explains why here. #dbResearch #FinancialMarkets https://t.co/m08AfwSjKU
    Deutsche Bank Mon 14 Dec 2020 05:27
  • #FestiveFact: More than SGD 6.3 million has been raised for 23 charities in Singapore since employees launched #dbPlusYou #DonateOneDay in 2010. @dbcitizenship https://t.co/lNkJ1DFqAj
    Deutsche Bank Sun 13 Dec 2020 08:51
  • #FestiveFact: 5,620 preschoolers in #SouthAfrica are getting quality education thanks to our #dbBorntoBe partners @BrainwaveCareer @NtataiseSA @SparrowFET @Khululeka https://t.co/a2VoLH5UP7
    Deutsche Bank Sat 12 Dec 2020 14:06
  • Sneak preview to Jim Reid’s monthly market survey shows vaccine-related concerns are seen as the biggest market risks for 2021. This might suggest a successful vaccine roll out could still bring upside surprise relative to expectations. #dbresearch https://t.co/b2dJM3eexx
    Deutsche Bank Fri 11 Dec 2020 16:45
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