• “We reiterate our view that the US rate outlook is less important for the dollar than the market assumes.” George Saravelos, Global Head of FX Research at #dbresearch @StreetSignsCNBC
    Deutsche Bank Thu 15 Apr 2021 13:06
  • “Europe will be fine: The reason behind the confidence is that Europe is on track for vaccinating half of the population by June. There is good reason for optimism.” George Saravelos #dbresearch @StreetSignsCNBC
    Deutsche Bank Thu 15 Apr 2021 13:06
  • "We remain euro bulls and believe the underlying macro environment will turn increasingly dollar bearish as summer approaches." George Saravelos, Global Head of FX Research, #dbresearch on @StreetSignsCNBC Link
    Deutsche Bank Thu 15 Apr 2021 13:06

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  • Jim Reid’s #CoTD is from Binky Chadha’s report calling for a 6-10% correction in the S&P 500 when growth peaks in the next 3 months. Then look for strong growth and equities to rally back. Later in 2021, risks will be based on inflation and Fed response. #ReidoftheDay #dbresearch https://t.co/m3o45YcsJM
    Deutsche Bank Tue 13 Apr 2021 18:44
  • ? Over the last decade, US stocks with low levels of Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE) have seen double the stock market returns of high PPE stocks. In Europe, triple. But could it all come to an end? Listen to our latest #dbresearch podcast: Link
    Deutsche Bank Tue 13 Apr 2021 08:49

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  • How did the pandemic impact #CapitalFlows in Asia? How does this year look like for #EmergingMarkets? Watch our latest #dbAsiaTakeaway with Kevin Burke, APAC Head of #InvestmentBanking and #CorporateBanking Coverage. @DBCorporateBank https://t.co/UxpF2PRoxn
    Deutsche Bank Tue 13 Apr 2021 03:18
  • #dbresearch’s Linan Liu: Growing #Renminbi liquidity pool in the global market and the ease of accessibility of RMB-denominated financial products in China's onshore and offshore market has attracted global investment into #RMB assets. https://t.co/egPrz5pG0b
    Deutsche Bank Mon 12 Apr 2021 07:07
  • The new German supplementary budget could drive total 2021 net federal borrowing up to a record high of EUR 240 bn. Read #dbresearch. Link
    Deutsche Bank Thu 25 Mar 2021 08:30
  • The current German house price cycle joins the 20 longest cycles from 1960 to 2020. Read #dbresearch. Link
    Deutsche Bank Thu 25 Mar 2021 08:00
  • Supply shortage in the German residential property market to remain in 2021 despite coronavirus. The trend towards single households, more living space per capita, overcrowding and quality deficiencies are driving demand further. Read #dbresearch. Link
    Deutsche Bank Wed 24 Mar 2021 18:44
  • The German house price cycle could end in 2024. Read #dbresearch's outlook for the German residential property market 2021 and beyond. Link https://t.co/y3tl08gSMq
    Deutsche Bank Wed 24 Mar 2021 14:34
  • The German government will present another XXL supplementary budget which would be the third supplementary budget over the past year. Read #dbresearch. Link https://t.co/AxkdXpqKfH
    Deutsche Bank Wed 24 Mar 2021 09:59
  • Jim Reid’s #CoTD marks the 1-yr anniversary of the pandemic lows in markets and the S&P 500 has now seen its largest 12-month gain since 1936. The turnaround followed the Fed’s 22/3/20 meeting where they offered to buy corporate bonds for the 1st time. #dbresearch #ReidoftheDay https://t.co/F5C8lcWjQt
    Deutsche Bank Tue 23 Mar 2021 19:23
  • #Bitcoin’s market cap of $1 tn makes it too important to ignore. But will it evolve into an asset class, or will its illiquidity remain an obstacle? Find out more in the latest instalment of “The Future of Payments” from @MarionLaboure and #dbresearch: Link https://t.co/YYoOcroPa0
    Deutsche Bank Fri 19 Mar 2021 18:15
  • #Bitcoin’s value will continue to rise and fall depending on what people believe it is worth. Find out why this is sometimes called the Tinkerbell Effect in the latest instalment of “The Future of Payments” from @MarionLaboure and #dbresearch: Link https://t.co/hI9IntGJcP
    Deutsche Bank Fri 19 Mar 2021 10:09
  • #OTD 55 years ago, the Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov became the first person to view the earth from a distance of 35km whilst floating around in space. His only security during his spacewalk was a 4.5m long tether connecting him to the spacecraft. https://t.co/g2AomBKAMW
    Deutsche Bank Thu 18 Mar 2021 14:48
  • Jim Reid’s #CoTD from Matthew Luzzetti shows that median inflation expectations for 55+ ages hit the highest level since May 2015. Conversely, inflation expectations for 18-34’s fell sharply in March and have shown no upward drift since the Covid shock. #ReidoftheDay #dbresearch https://t.co/f5zhBXATWg
    Deutsche Bank Tue 16 Mar 2021 17:01
  • Jim Reid ends the week with a light-hearted #CoTD. Last night was the first ATH in the S&P 500 for a whole month! Nevertheless, it’s the 11th ATH in 2021. Annualized, it’s 57 total for the year, the 4th largest behind 1995 (77), 1964 (62) and 2017 (62). #ReidoftheDay #dbresearch https://t.co/dZDlLsI5MV
    Deutsche Bank Fri 12 Mar 2021 15:32
  • Sneak Preview Germany 2030: Cast unknown, four different plots on offer. Read #dbresearch's SWOT analysis and scenarios for Germany in the next decade Link https://t.co/tlftpNkahL
    Deutsche Bank Thu 11 Mar 2021 12:06
  • Germany and the EU: lots of soft power, but little geopolitical sway. #dbresearch takes a look at options to future-proof Germany's economic model over the next decade Link https://t.co/aHIGyA4SSt
    Deutsche Bank Wed 10 Mar 2021 10:04
  • Ambition and potential: in an increasingly multipolar world, what role might Germany play in the next decade? Read #dbresearch: Link https://t.co/zVbqBxl19U
    Deutsche Bank Tue 09 Mar 2021 15:04
  • Jim Reid’s #CoTD shows the 3rd worst yearly start in total return of the US 10yr Treasury in 190 yrs. With a tug between huge liquidity/stimulus and strong expected growth, and the inflation risk and rising yields, it won’t be a low vol yr for markets. #dbresearch #ReidoftheDay https://t.co/FL7GYdhDQi
    Deutsche Bank Fri 05 Mar 2021 18:30
  • RT @CNBCTV18News: The US 10-year #TreasuryYields extended gains yesterday while the #Dollar remains on the front foot. Sameer Goel, Head-As…
    Deutsche Bank Fri 05 Mar 2021 03:39
  • Jim Reid’s #CoTD from European banking analyst Ben Goy shows that with SPACs making up 50% of all IPO volumes, there’s an extraordinary amount of money sloshing around the financial system and the impact of this is appearing everywhere. Remarkable! #dbresearch #ReidoftheDay https://t.co/2Rz4edWT3K
    Deutsche Bank Thu 04 Mar 2021 18:18
  • How did consumers in China spend during the #LunarNewYear holidays this year? #ConsumerSpending was generally robust, according to Yi Xiong, Deutsche Bank's Chief Economist for China. #dbResearch https://t.co/QW7uVZhlwq
    Deutsche Bank Thu 04 Mar 2021 02:47
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