• The outlook for the potential broad use of a vaccine against COVID-19 next year could impact several areas, including global trade and inflation. Watch Chief Economist Blu Putnam's latest video.
    CME Group Mon 23 Nov 2020 20:57
  • Now trading! Cash-settled Thailand Long Grain White Rice futures complement our existing suite of physically delivered U.S. Rough Rice futures and options. Learn more.
    CME Group Mon 23 Nov 2020 18:02
  • Natural gas options, the CME OPEC Watch Tool and WTI Crude weekly options are some of the biggest trends in Energy options. Learn more.
    CME Group Fri 20 Nov 2020 20:05
  • Dock allocation via WTI Houston merges the physically-delivered futures market with the U.S. exports market. Learn more.
    CME Group Thu 19 Nov 2020 23:04
  • CME #SOFR futures volume surged to 240K contracts today, a new all-time high. https://t.co/wHNytz8JPv
    CME Group Thu 19 Nov 2020 22:29
  • The CME OPEC Watch Tool can help you prepare for possible #OPEC outcomes by analyzing WTI weekly options data. Try it today.
    CME Group Thu 19 Nov 2020 17:23
  • Join Dave Lerman, director of education at @CMEGroup, as he discusses the transition of energy markets as a result of recent events, such as Asia reorienting trade routes around the world.
    CME Group Thu 19 Nov 2020 17:03
  • NEW PRODUCT – Cobalt Metals (@Fastmarkets) Futures ? Coming December 14, CME Group's first entrance into battery metals. Full details on the contract here:
    CME Group Thu 19 Nov 2020 15:03
  • It's that time of the year: The Trade Against a Pro futures trading challenge starts December 6. Learn futures and compete for prizes.
    CME Group Wed 18 Nov 2020 17:02
  • Congratulations to TriOptima, named the best compression/optimization service for #FX at the 2020 @FXMarkets_ e-FX Awards.
    CME Group Wed 18 Nov 2020 15:12
  • Inflation in the U.S., Europe and Japan has remained largely muted despite massive quantitative easing by their central banks intended to boost economic growth. Watch Chief Economist Blu Putnam's latest video.
    CME Group Tue 17 Nov 2020 16:26
  • Introducing CME Group Volatility Indexes (CVOL) ? A new family of implied volatility indexes ? Derived from options on futures ? Now live for 10-Yr UST and G5 FX ? Coming soon to all asset classes #SeeVolLikeNeverBefore
    CME Group Tue 17 Nov 2020 15:16
  • Catch the latest energy options trends and tools via Striking Insights.
    CME Group Mon 16 Nov 2020 19:56
  • TTF and JKM #naturalgas prices have rebounded in the last quarter. This is good news for US LNG producers, who are now ramping up exports to premium markets in Europe and Asia. https://t.co/StXvtaqHVJ
    CME Group Fri 13 Nov 2020 19:53
  • RT @Open_Markets: Lower cost Micro E-mini options in the S&P 500 surged in volume as October earnings season arrived. https://t.co/ZmKMQOev…
    CME Group Fri 13 Nov 2020 15:53
  • Join CME Group for a live webinar with Randy Russell, president and partner at The Russell Group, as he provides insight into the upcoming administration's policy agenda affecting Ag consumers and producers.
    CME Group Thu 12 Nov 2020 16:32
  • Thank you to our SERVE Employee Network Group for organizing events throughout the year to honor service men and women around the world, including one today to celebrate #VeteransDay with guest speaker and @USArmy veteran @iamjrmartinez. https://t.co/5mbwpMQs56
    CME Group Wed 11 Nov 2020 15:01
  • Will U.S. shale oil output decline further next year? Chief Economist Blu Putnam discusses how current price levels and weak demand, driven by COVID-19, could impact production.
    CME Group Tue 10 Nov 2020 20:30
  • RT @SGX: #SGXNews - #SGX expands clearing relationship with @CMEGroup, adding pan-Asia benchmark equity derivatives to Mutual Offset link:…
    CME Group Tue 10 Nov 2020 18:00
  • #SOFR futures volume has now surged to 103K contracts/day MTD. https://t.co/GgJE7Ii3Wc
    CME Group Tue 10 Nov 2020 16:45
  • Now trading! Pork Cutout futures and options launched today, providing market participants a tool for managing their price exposure to the pork cutout. Learn more.
    CME Group Mon 09 Nov 2020 19:54
  • La Niña tends to lift prices and heighten volatility, but with grain exports outside the U.S. rising, will the weather phenomenon have the same market impact this time? Join Sr. Economist Erik Norland to find out.
    CME Group Thu 05 Nov 2020 20:00
  • RT @TheBlock__: Ahead of Election Night, the number of large reportable CME bitcoin futures traders hit an all-time high https://t.co/7LQnZ…
    CME Group Thu 05 Nov 2020 11:10
  • After a pullback from July to September, the Fed might increase its asset purchases in 2021, as possible post-election stimulus could widen the budget deficit.
    CME Group Wed 04 Nov 2020 18:04
  • With the U.S. elections on the horizon, check out equity resources to help you navigate economic uncertainty.
    CME Group Tue 03 Nov 2020 22:48
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