• RT @tgouldao: Energy in Southeast Asia: join our webinar at 10 am CET on Wednesday (11 December) to hear from the key authors of our new So…
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 18:14
  • Looking for more info on our work at #COP25? Check out our calendar of events, the experts we have present, and an overview of the work & analysis we do that contributes to the COP process on our dedicated page ? Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:49

    The UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 will take place under the Presidency of the Government of Chile and will be held in Madrid, with logistical support from the Government of Spain, from 2-13 December 2019. As the global energy authority, the IEA promotes climate action through cutting-edge analysis, data, expertise and policy advice that supports countries, companies and other key stakeholders. IEA analysis is key to tracking progress of global energy transitions towards Paris Agreement goals and helping drive further ambition of Nationally Determined Contributions.

  • "Energy Day Ministerial Plenary Meeting" Our Executive Director @IEABirol will give a scene-setting presentation for #COP25 Energy Day & moderate the Ministerial Plenary Meeting. ? Plenary Baker ? 18:00-20:00 Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:49

    The COP25 Chile Presidency organises the Energy Day to draw attention to strategies for carbon neutrality in the energy sector that are being implemented around the globe. Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA will give a scene-setting presentation and serve as a moderator for the Ministerial Plenary Meeting. H.E. Juan Carlos Jobet, the Chilean Minister of Energy, and H.E. Teresa Ribera, the Spanish Minister for the Ecological Transition will deliver keynote speeches.

  • "Reviving Momentum for Untapped Energy Efficiency Potential" Focusing on regaining momentum for action on energy efficiency, a critical & cost-effective pillar for achievement of the Paris Agreement’s goal. ? Chile Pavilion ? 16:35 - 17:45 Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:49

    Energy efficiency is a major driver for climate change mitigation, decoupling energy consumption and economic development. According to the projections of the International Energy Agency (IEA), it could account for nearly 40% of needed global emissions reductions. While global energy-related CO2 emissions grew 1.7% in 2018 to reach a historic high of 33.1 Gt CO2, energy efficiency was still the largest brake on emissions growth. Nonetheless, a slowdown in implementing energy efficiency policies in recent years contributed to global CO2 emissions continuing to rise in 2017 and 2018, contrary to the trajectory needed for the Paris Agreement.

    Although energy efficiency cannot be directly seen, it has a long-standing successful experience and it is necessary to unlock this potential by all countries. Policies and regulations can catalyse action from both the private and public sector in terms of energy efficiency and discovering how to consume less energy.


  • "Roundtable: SDG7" Taking stock of progress & identifying solutions, focusing on electricity access that can help accelerate action towards achieving SDG7 for a prosperous, climate-safe future for all. ? Global Climate Action ? 16:30 - 18:00 Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:49

    Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) calls for ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030 through the achievement of three targets, namely ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services; increasing substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix; and doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency. Touching nearly all aspects of society, access to energy is a prerequisite for the achievement of other SDGs. Achieving SDG7 in the context of the Paris Agreement on climate change means a rethink on how we produce, distribute and consume energy. According to Tracking SDG7: The Energy Progress Report , the world is making progress towards achieving SDG7, but is falling short of meeting the goal to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030. A sense of urgency is lacking. This event will take stock of progress and identify...

  • "High-level Regional Launch of #WEO19" Exploring divergences between WEO scenarios that map out different routes the world could follow over the coming decades. ? Chile Pavilion ? 13:05 - 13:30 Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:49

    Deep disparities define today’s energy world. The dissonance between well-supplied oil markets and growing geopolitical tensions and uncertainties. The gap between the ever-higher amounts of greenhouse gas emissions being produced and the insufficiency of stated policies to curb those emissions in line with international climate targets. The gap between the promise of energy for all and the lack of electricity access for 850 million people around the world.

    The World Energy Outlook 2019, the International Energy Agency’s flagship publication, explores these widening fractures in detail. It explains the impact of today’s decisions on tomorrow’s energy systems, and describes a pathway that enables the world to meet climate, energy access and air quality goals while maintaining a strong focus on the reliability and affordability of energy for a growing global population.

    This event will explore different trajectories and introduce diverse solutions to...

  • "Clean Energy Transition Pathways & Tracking Progress with Paris Agreement Implementation" Introducing the latest analyses on clean energy transition pathways. ? Room 6 ? 11:30 - 13:00 Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:49

    Energy production and use constitutes the largest source of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally. Identifying long-term strategies towards clean energy transition and tracking progress in energy-related emissions and their underlying drivers are therefore essential to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

    IEA and TERI have provided pathways for decarbonisation and sustainable development in key energy sectors. For instance, IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) lays out a pathway for how the world’s energy sector can change course to deliver key energy-related sustainable development goals, including on climate change. In addition to the pathways, tracking tools based on the latest data and rigorous analysis across all fuels and technologies help countries identify the current status and support development of recommendations for action.

    The event will introduce the latest analyses on clean energy transition pathways and...

  • "Key challenges & solutions in the transition to electric mobility" Identifying recent developments in electric mobility across the globe, discussing key challenges, & suggesting solutions to address them. ? Korea Pavilion ? 10:45 - 12:00 Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:49

    Electric mobility is expanding at a rapid pace. In 2018, the global electric car fleet exceeded 5.1 million, up 2 million from the previous year and almost doubling the number of new electric car sales.

    Policies play a critical role. Leading countries in electric mobility use a variety of measures such as fuel economy standards coupled with incentives for zero- and low-emissions vehicles, economic instruments that help bridge the cost gap between electric and conventional vehicles and support for the deployment of charging infrastructure. Increasingly, policy support is being extended to address the strategic importance of the battery technology value chain.

    This side event will identify recent developments in electric mobility across the globe. It will also discuss key challenges in the transition to electric mobility and suggest solutions that are well suited to address them. In particular, the event will highlight effective policy frameworks to accelerate...

  • Tomorrow is Energy Day at #COP25 and @IEA staff will be discussing key energy & climate topics throughout the day. Here’s a run-through of all the events we have planned ?
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:49
  • RT @IEABirol: Very pleased to meet with my friend and @enel CEO Francesco Starace @starax to discuss the European power sector, the rapidly…
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 17:29
  • RT @IEABirol: Very pleased to meet with Italian PM @GiuseppeConteIT at the #WEO19 presentation in Rome, and delighted to receive his congra…
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 13:34
  • We're also leading the global drive to improve energy efficiency, with our work for the Global Commission for Urgent Action, and becoming the home of the Energy Efficiency Hub - a new multilateral platform for collaboration between countries. ? Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34

    The Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency was established on 24 June 2019 at the IEA’s 4th annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency in Dublin, Ireland. The Commission currently has 21 members and is composed of national leaders, current and former ministers, top business executives and global thought leaders.

    With analytical support from the IEA, Commission members will examine how progress on energy efficiency can be rapidly accelerated through new and stronger policy action by governments across the globe. It will develop a series of actionable recommendations that will be announced in the summer of 2020.

    The Commission's work comes at a critical moment in clean energy transitions around the world. Despite energy efficiency's tremendous potential, the world is struggling to capture its full benefits. Global energy demand continues to increase and CO2 emissions are at record levels. Meanwhile, energy...

  • In addition to deepening work on clean energy transitions, we will expand our role in electricity security in order to help countries manage growing shares of renewables, as well as be prepared for rising cybersecurity threats. This strengthens our commitment to energy security
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • “Our Ministerial Meeting affirmed the @IEA’s role at the heart of global energy governance. Leading global clean energy transitions is the key issue for the IEA. There is no single or simple solution: we need all technologies to address our climate change challenge.” - @IEABirol https://t.co/jo74ekzmoK
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • Our member countries all underscored @IEA’s leading role in global clean energy transitions. With an approach covering all fuels & technologies, we provide data, analysis & ambitious real-world solutions to help policy makers plan & navigate their transitions. https://t.co/fdJVzsj1j7
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • And @Elisabeth_Borne, France’s Minister for Ecological & Inclusive Transition, highlighted the Paris Agreement and the need for clean, renewable and innovative energy for all. Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34

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  • There were also notable contributions from longstanding IEA members. Keith Krach @State_E – US Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, & the Environment ?? underlined the importance of our core energy security mission. Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34

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  • Also at the meeting, María Fernanda Suárez, Colombia’s Minister of Mines & Energy, expressed her country’s readiness to explore IEA membership ?? https://t.co/IvOURjsdfY
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • In particular, we were honoured to have Bento Albuquerque, Brazil’s Minister of Mines & Energy, at the meeting. He publicly announced for the first time his country’s long-term energy plan to 2050 ?? https://t.co/Z5PLVSNRcW
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • Ministers and top representatives from more than 40 countries were present at the meeting, where discussions addressed topics like women in energy, hydrogen, CCUS, clean energy transitions, Africa’s energy future, and much more. https://t.co/q7ctlvQPuY
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • As a result, countries accounting for about 75% of global energy consumption were represented at the Ministerial Meeting, covering every inhabited continent. This global reach underscores our role at the heart of global energy governance. https://t.co/Ohece4EYfF
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • Since 2015, our Association programme has brought in the world's major emerging economies: ?? Brazil ?? China ?? India ?? Indonesia ?? Morocco ?? Singapore ?? South Africa ?? Thailand
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • This mandate shows the success of our policy of opening our doors wider to expand cooperation with major emerging economies. For a full picture of the mandates that ministers gave us, read the communiqué ? Link https://t.co/LSiHhsOcqY
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34

    PARIS - The Governing Board, at Ministerial level, has adopted the following Ministerial Communiqué:

    1.         We, the Ministers responsible for Energy of the International Energy Agency (IEA) member states, met in Paris on 5-6 December 2019 for a Ministerial meeting under the Presidency of Mr. Micha? Kurtyka, Minister of Climate, Poland. Discussions were held under the theme “Building the Future of Energy” with the goal of supporting members of the IEA Family achieve clean, sustainable, efficient, modern, affordable and secure energy that gives opportunities for all.

    2.        We welcome Ministers representing Association and Accession Countries, the IEA Energy Business Council and consumer groups and thank them for their valuable contributions.

    3.        We recognize the importance of leading energy transitions to urgently...

  • Ministers asked us to take the next steps in advancing ties with key emerging economies, starting with India ??. This involves setting up a strategic partnership that could serve as a path to eventual @IEA membership – a game-changer for global energy governance. https://t.co/Wa8NqgSV2I
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34
  • At our Ministerial Meeting last week, member countries approved a joint communiqué, affirming our position as the leading global energy forum. It gave us strong mandates on energy security & taking a leadership role in global clean energy transitions. ? Link
    IEA Mon 09 Dec 2019 12:34

    Global energy leaders met in Paris this week for the International Energy Agency’s Ministerial Meeting, a two-day event that underscored the IEA’s central role in global energy security and clean energy transitions.

    Micha? Kurtyka, Poland’s Minister of Climate, chaired the meeting, which was attended by ministers and top government officials from the IEA family. That includes the Agency’s 30 Members, its 8 Association countries – Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Singapore, South Africa and Thailand – and two Accession countries, Chile and Lithuania. About 20 leading executives from a diverse group of energy companies also took part in some of the discussions. 

    The IEA is the world’s authority on energy, and the Ministerial Meeting showcased its global footprint. The Agency informs policy, business and investment decisions around the world through authoritative data, rigorous analysis and objective policy recommendations. It also provides...

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